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Graphic design is more than just aesthetics; graphic design is a form of communication between your business and your audience.  Business use graphics in every stage of the marketing funnel to inform, delight, and eventually persuade to purchase ( or take the desired action.)


1.  We require a 70% Deposit before any work commences
2.  After all rounds of concepts & revisions are completed; The client will be charged thereafter an hourly fee of R 350.00 Excl. VAT.
3.  Balance due once final file is received by client

First Impressions Matter.

Graphic design is important for any business wanting to make a positive, lasting impression. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand in any capacity will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship.


The first business graphic a prospect encounters may be a business card, a sales page on your website, an online ad, a flyer, your latest social media post, or even your product packaging.


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We are here to help with all your Website Design and Online marketing needs.  Please do speak to us for a competitive quote.


Next Generation of Designers… 

The impact of COVID-19 and its respective shutdowns have had a great impact on how we see ourselves moving forward in the workplace.  Here at Hummingbird Africa we have adapted to the changes and support all New generation Designers who wishes to work from home!

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